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A Q&A with Carin Smith, Executive Director of the Owings Mills Corporate Roundtable

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Nov 13, 2020

This week, Nevins & Associates President and CEO, David Nevins, sat down with Carin Smith, Executive Director of the Owings Mills Corporate Roundtable (OMCR.) The OMCR facilitates a sense of community amongst major employers in Owings Mills and promotes Owings Mills as a premier destination to work, play and live. David and Carin discussed business in Owings Mills and efforts to attract visitors to Owings Mills. Below is a condensed version of their conversation:

David Nevins: As part of the Owings Mills Corporate Roundtable, your goal is to create a premiere destination for people to live, work and play. Tell us a little bit more about that effort.

Carin Smith: Yes, Many people don’t realize all the local treasures we have right here in Owings Mills, so we recently launched our Visit Owings Mills campaign to change that. On top of myriad wonderful shopping destinations such as Foundry Row, Mill Station and Metro Centre, we’re also home to plenty of other destinations. Owings Mills offers a lot of local dining options such as Stanford Kitchen, Eggspectation, Mezcal, and many other local restaurants. We are home to the Jewish Community Center, which offers a variety of programming, including socially distant workout classes, drive-in ,movies and more. Owings Mills also has the Irvine Nature Center which is a wonderful destination to experience nature and outdoor educational programs. This holiday season, I hope you will take the time to stroll around Owings Mills, create memories and enjoy all that we have to experience.

The Visit Owings Mills campaign highlights all that Owings Mills has to offer and we love being able to support local businesses. Folks can learn more about it by liking the Visit Owings Mills Facebook and Instagram pages.

DN: The pandemic has certainly impacted the way we are “visiting” places. How has the pandemic impacted the Owings Mills community and its businesses?

CS: The pandemic has created challenges for many local businesses. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some businesses close their doors. The OMCR is continuing to help businesses stay open during this uncertain time by promoting local shopping and driving visitors to Owings Mills.

One positive thing that we’ve been seeing is the resiliency in our business community. We have witnessed many businesses that have pivoted and adapted their models to fit the changing needs of customers and keep things safe during this difficult time.

DN: Owings Mills has not always been the bustling community that it is today. What would you say is the biggest factor in these changes?

CS: Because of development in recent years, Owings Mills has become a lively, robust shopping and dining destination. Our three main shopping centers are Mill Station, Metro Centre and Foundry Row, and there is plenty of local shopping outside of that, too. Having these developments has been a huge help in driving customers to the area. Each shopping center offers stores to fit everyone’s needs. From groceries and salons to local dining and shopping, there’s something for everyone in Owings Mills.

DN: Any other parting words?

CS: Yes, I want to encourage doing your holiday shopping locally. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to support local businesses. Its tempting to order online for convenience, but even buying from a big box retail store and picking it up in store is a huge help to the local economy. I said before, we have something for everyone, so come see us in Owings Mills!

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